Richard and Liem are alumns from Academy of Art University who met later in their working life and found the same passion with photography and became close friends. Now 12 years later, they are partners forming RL Handcrafts. Richard is a former graphic designer and illustrator turned full-time wedding/portrait photographer. Liem, a web and communications design expert, also specializes in freelance wedding photography. RL Handcrafts is the result of their shared passion for photography, crossed with a need for comfort and style in their equipment.

Quality, Innovation, and Style

Based on their experience with photography equipment, they know that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes so they created product solutions that compensate for peoples variations and optimize for comfort, functionality, and aesthetics.

To solve for variants in people, they designed products with 6-points of rotation to form with your body. The camera straps come in three different sizes (S, M, and L) with fine fitting adjustments. Each thickness of leather that are hand selected serve different purposes. The products are hand cut, natural oiled and wax applied to produce the best results.

Fashion forward designs that help the photographer add style into the way they dress. The straps come with 3 different color choices that adds to your unique style.