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The Derringer Pro-DLX Modular-Camera Harness is designed for maximum versatility. The patent pending modular design allows for various setups ranging from 1 to 3 cameras. Additional configurations would allow for the attachment of bags and other accessories. The DLX model is stitched and padded in the shoulder region for all-day comfort.

Wide shoulder pads provide comfort and balanced weight distribution. The 6-Point Rotation System provides optimal body fit and all-day comfort. Easy adjustments to lengths for a custom fit. Once the camera is attached, it glides along the harness during use.



  • 6-pivot points for individual rotations
  • Modular system
  • Handcrafted genuine leather
  • Nickel plated brass hardware's
  • What's included: Harness, two security straps, all the hardware needed to connect your cameras, bag, or accessories

Product Highlights

Derringer Pro Dual Camera Harness
The Derringer Pro-DLX Modular-Camera Harness setup allows your accessory bag mounted on one side and camera on the other side, easily accessible wherever you are.
Switching out to other configurations takes less than a minute.


Camera + Bag

All connecting parts are included, just add your accessory bag of choice. The configurations are tailored and changeable when you want; from bag and camera, dual-camera setup, to single camera setup in minutes.


Form and Function

We want to designed the one Camera strap is are you need for Professional photography on the run. We understand having multiple straps around your neck could be very painful. Two cameras three cameras plus a camera bag, Ouch! That’s why we come out with Derringer Pro Multi-camera harness. Simply, One harness that does it all.

No matter the occasion or event, RL Handcrafts help you look sharp so you can stay focused, a clear-cut advantage for any photographer.

Modular-Camera Harness Setup

Our patent pending modular design allows for a multitude of configurations:

  • Setup A — 1 camera on side (left or right side), an accessory bag on the other side, and a 2nd camera in front of body
  • Setup B — 2 cameras on both sides, plus a 3rd camera accesible in the front of body
  • Setup C — 1 camera configured on either right or left side, and a 2nd camera in front of body

The camera will rest on the side of your body and be easily accessible as it glides up and down the strap from waist to shooting position.

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