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RL. Handcrafts offers quality camera-wear solutions for photographers and enthusiasts. Our handcrafted straps and harnesses are made with top-grain leather, ready for your every move. Our patented 6-point pivot design conforms to every body movement and allows the camera to effortlessly glide up an down so you'll never miss a shot. Hand-waxed, naturally oiled and super durable, these straps can withstand the elements and guaranteed to last a lifetime.Based on their experience with photography equipment, they know that everyone comes in different shapes and sizes so they created product solutions that compensate for peoples variations and optimize for comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. To solve for variants in people, they designed products with 4-points of rotation to form with your body. The camera straps come in 5 different sizes (XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL) with fine fitting adjustments. Each thickness of leather that are hand selected serve different purposes. The products are hand cut, natural oiled and wax applied to produce the best results.Fashion forward designs that help the photographer add style into the way they dress. The straps come with 5 different color choices that adds to your unique style Care Taking Process All leathers age with time. Just like our own skin, it will need moisturizing and caring for if they're to be kept in tip-top condition throughout the years. Even with excellent care, leather will still age but a well looked after and aged leather is just as beautiful as a new one, if not even more so. Leather can be restored with any good quality leather cleaner. To remove dirt, apply a small amount of product with clean, soft cloth using circular strokes. Wipe off residue and let dry for 30 minutes. Please use as directed by your leather care product manufacturer.

100% GENUINE LEATHER: High End Top Quality Full Grain Leather, Handcrafted with the finest worksmanship. MADE IN THE USA, Thank you for Supporting Us,
PANTENTED 4 point rotation System. To help with Form and Comfort for maxium range of movement. Personal configurations can easily be made to accommodate different body types and movements to your body and provides all day comfort.
HIGH QUALITY HARDWARE: We use nickel plated brass hardwares to help with corrosion resistance and durability of the hardwares. Comes Ready to Shoot with Stainless Steel Camera Fasteners.
FOR ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS: Our product was made with the photographer in mind. Whether your shooting a 16 hour wedding or out for the weekend looking for that timeless image. This product is ready when you are.
LIFETIME WARRANTY: We are proud to offer our customers with a Limited lifetime warranty, on our worksmanship.