"This is a fantastic strap. It has a nice polished look and functions exactly like it should." — Jason Vinson, Fstoppers

"Giving these 5 stars for features is a no-brainer, these things are loaded with the ability to be modular." — Andy Kauth, SLR Lounge

Look Sharp. Stay focused

RL Handcrafts offers quality camera-wear solutions for photographers and enthusiasts. Our handcrafted straps and harnesses are made with top-grain leather, ready for your every move. Our patented 6-point pivot design conforms to every body movement and allows the camera to effortlessly glide up an down so you'll never miss a shot. Hand-waxed, naturally oiled and super durable, these straps can withstand the elements and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Proudly handcrafted in San Jose & Monterey California, by photographers and for photographers.

New Product

Stabilizer KS
An everyday carry that is hangin’ & stylin’ with your keys. Paired with one of our camera harness products, it attaches to your belt and acts as a stabilizer for the camera-free side, as well as an accessory latch for your camera flash pouch, lens pouch, and other quick grab needs.

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